Wilbarger County Courthouse

Welcome to Wilbarger County!!

Wilbarger County was created on February 1, 1858, and was named for the two Wilbarger brothers, Josiah and Mathias. They were pioneer Texans and both surveyors. Its county seat is Vernon, which is the agribusiness center of the area. Land uses in Wilbarger are wheat, cotton, alfalfa, peanuts, guar, mung beans, soybeans, canola, and cattle.

Wilbarger County lies on the Red River joining Oklahoma to the north and 50 miles northwest of Wichita Falls. The county has sandy loam soils along the rivers which turn into clay type soils as you move southward. Businesses include agribusiness and some manufacturing.

Recreation in Wilbarger County includes scenic drives, visits to Lake Kemp, and trips to Doans Crossing, and The Red River Valley Museum. There are ample opportunities for hunting, fishing, horseback riding, and rodeos.

Wilbarger County, like other Texas counties, is concentrating on growing a strong educational system and developing a strong economy that will prepare its citizens and its children for the 21st century.

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